"Céline COURT Founder of La Noix Tigrée (Photo @bacididama)"

La Noix Tigrée SAS is a young start-up that has set itself the goal of promoting tigernuts! Céline, the founder of the brand, discovered "horchata de chufa", the traditional Valencian drink in Spain made from tiger nuts, twenty years ago in Spain and since sought it in France. The La Noix Tigrée project is the result of this personal quest and the observation of new eating habits that consumers are now adopting. Indeed, La Noix Tigrée products are intended for everyone and also for polyintolerant people, who prefer to avoid overly processed foods, without added sugars, gluten-free, vegan ...

Under the brand La Noix Tigrée ™ ®, there is a desire to publicize this fabulous tuber which is the tigernuts, also known under the name of Chufa, by defining all kinds of dry products to be tasted in the form of a snack, at breakfast, as an aperitif, seasoning ...

The adventure has only just begun!

La Noix Tigrée in the TV show "C'est au progamme" de Sophie Davant

Our products are:


Our main ingredient is organic and comes from Burkina Faso and Niger.

It's a superfood, full of fiber and resistant starch (prebiotics).


Our sweet granolas are sugar free and mainly made of buckweat, date paste and tiger nuts.

They can be eaten as a biscuit or a muesli with milk.


Our salty granolas are ready to use as an "apéritif", or a topping all day long.

They are sweet and salty recipes cooked in a dehydrator, sugar free with a pimp of salt, herbs and sometimes pepper. 


Called tiger nut, chufa, nutgrass, earth almond ... this little tuber is still poorly understood yet!

Prized in ancient Egypt and later forgotten, tiger nut deserves a better place than that which is attributed to it in the gluten-free world !

It can be used in its raw form - whole tiger nut -, peeled - CROC Rond -, sliced - CROC Nature -, flour, oil, spreadable cream ...

The vizier Rekhmirê, under the reign of Amenhotep II was well known for the culture of tiger nut which was at the same time prized for its flour in the preparation of cakes but also for its oil for the manufacture of ointments.

Known today for the preparation of the traditional Spanish drink "horchata de chufa", tiger nut is not only an oilseed, it is a ground nut, a tuber with super powers.

Rich in fiber tiger nut is also a source of vitamin E, omega 6, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. It is also a great help for your microbiota thanks to its natural content of prebiotics - resistant starch.

The edible tiger nut is not yet cultivated in France - its harvest comes from its plant Cyperus esculentus. Also called tuberous tiger nut or sweet tiger nut, it is a species of rhizomatous perennial herbaceous plants of the Cyperaceae family (papyrus family).

It is a perfect appetite suppressant by its fibers and it is ideal in a paleo diet.

Today tiger nut is mainly cultivated in Spain and in West Africa (from Senegal down to Cameroon and up to Burkina Faso)

La Noix Tigrée manufactures in France and markets organic food products made from tiger nuts: tiger nuts alone, naturally sucked granolas, salted granolas, 100% tiger nut spreads, tiger nut oils for cosmetics.

Tiger nuts exist in their raw state in many forms which allow different uses:

Different kinds of tiger nuts

Hieroglyphs in the grave of rêkhmire: bakering with tiger nut flour

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