Our naturally sweet granolas

Granola, tiger nut, oilseed, gluten free, sugar free, oil free

All of our Tiger nut granolas are made with tiger nuts, buckwheat seeds and date paste and are cooked at 80 ° C in a dehydrator.

We offer a range of cereals free, gluten free, sugar added free, AIP friendly (autoimmune diet) and vegan Tiger nut granolas and you can also have access to our plain tiger nuts to make your DIY grain and tree nut free granola !

We never add sugar and our granolas are very savory thanks to the natural sugars of our ingredients such as tiger nut, date paste, bananas, raisins ...

Our naturally sweet granolas' nuggets can be tasted like cookies, in super bowls with other super foods or with milk at any time of the day!

Our products are based on non processed food recipes with raw ingredients, without additives, neither preservatives nor GMOs.

Our tigernut granolas recipes are a delicious and perfect crunchy solution for your granola cravings.

Our tiger nut granolas are the newest obsession !

La Noix Tigrée also propose a full range of salty granolas to be used all day long from breakfast to "aperitif" or for seasonning your meals!

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Our naturally sweet granolas

Granola du Tigre: tiger...

From €3.60
Organic, gluten free, vegan granola prepared in a dehydrator with buckwheat, tiger nut, dates, banana, almond, cashew... To eat as a biscuit or...

Our naturally sweet granolas

Granola du Tigre: Tiger...

From €3.60
Granola prepared in a dehydrator, Organic, vegan, gluten free with tiger nut, buckwheat, dates, cacao, hazelnut, sesame ... Eat me as a...