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Granola du Tigre: tiger nut, banana & almond - bags & BULK

Organic, gluten free, vegan granola prepared in a dehydrator with buckwheat, tiger nut, dates, banana, almond, cashew... To eat as a biscuit or with milk.

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Available on: lundi, 26 avril, 2021

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Our tiger nut products are savory snacks, and so are our sweet granolas!

They can be enjoyed throughout the day with no limits.

Our super granolas are tasty and healthy!

They are prepared in a dehydrator at 80 ° C. We only use raw and certified organic products.

Our granolas are naturally gluten free, sugar free, vegan and super tasty!

Tasting advice:

taste me like a cookie between meals or at breakfast with a delicious tiger nut drink or another veggie drink!

Naturally gluten free, tiger nut is a source of fiber, vitamin E, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, omega 6 and prebiotics (resistant starch).

Tiger nut is a super small, naturally sweet tuber with a sweet almond and chestnut taste.

Tiger nut is a ground nut (tuber) not a tree nut!

Ingrédients**/Zutaten**/Ingrediente**/Ingredients**/ Ingrediënten**:

(GB)Buckwheat*, tiger nuts*18%(1), banana*14%,date paste*,raisin*, almond*4%, cashew nuts*2%.

(DE) Buschweisen*,erdmandel* 18%(1), bananen*14%, datum einfügen*,rosinen*,mandel*4%,cashewnüsse*2%.

(ES) Alforfón*, chufa* 18% (1), plátano*14%, pegar la fecha*,uva*, almendra*4%, marañón*2%,

(IT) grano saraceno*,chufa*18% (1), banana*14%, data incolla*, uva*, mandorla*4%,acardi* 2%.

(NL) Boekweit*, cypergras* 18%(1),banana*14%, datum plakken*, rozijn*, amandel*4%, cashewnoten*2%.

(1) Burkina Faso/Niger

* Ingrédients biologiques/ Organic ingredients

**Peut contenir des traces de: fruits à coque, sésame .../ May contains: peanuts, nuts, sesame...

Informations nutritionnelles/ Nährwerte/Informacion nutricional/Nutritional facts/Informazioni nutrizionali/ Voedingswaarden 100g:

Calories/Brennwert/Calorías/Calories/Calori/ Calorieën : 364.7Kcal (1523kj),

Lipides/Fett/Lípidos/Fat/Lipidi/Vet: 8.49g (saturé/davon gesättigte/saturadas/saturated/saturi/waarvan suikers 1.56g),

Glucides/Kohlenhydrate/Carbohidratos/ Carbohydrate/Carboidrati/Koolhydraten: 60.67g (sucre/davon Zucker/azúcar/sugar/zucchero/waarven suikers 18.89g),

Protéines/Proteína/Protein/Proteina/Proteïn: 7.75g,

Sel/Salz/Sal/Salt/Sale/Zout: 0.03mg,

Fibre/Fibra/Fiber/Fibre/Fiber: 8.69g.




Le goûter idéal!

Soit en accompagnement friandise avec mon thé soit mélangé à du fromage blanc. Je craque!


Très bon ! Je recommande à tous :)

Bien croustillant avec pas mal de petits blocs, bien parfumé mais pas trop sucré. J’en ai pris quelques uns. C’est bien difficile de m’arrêter.

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