Granola du Tigre: Tiger nut, cacao & hazelnut - bags & BULK

Granola prepared in a dehydrator, Organic, vegan, gluten free with tiger nut, buckwheat, dates, cacao, hazelnut, sesame ...

Eat me as a biscuit or with milk.


Our tiger nut products are tasty and so are our sweet granolas!

Enjoyable all day long without any limits.

Our super granolas are crunchy and healthy!

They are prepared in a dehydrator at 80 ° C. We only use raw and organic ingredients.

Our granolas are naturally sugar free, gluten free,  vegan and super tasty!

Tasting advice:

Eat me like a cookie or with a delicious tiger nut drink or any veggie beverage!

Play it all chocolate! Our founder Céline enjoys them with a vegetable milk with raw cocoa!

Tiger nut is a source of vitamin E, fiber, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, omega 6 and prebiotics (resistant starch).Naturally gluten free. 

Tiger nut is a small tuber, naturally sweet with a chestnut and almond taste.

Tiger nut is a ground nut (tuber) not a tree nut!

Ingrédients**/Zutaten**/Ingrediente**/Ingredients**/ Ingrediënten**:

(GB) Buckwheat *, date paste *, tiger nut * 11% (1), sesame seed * 11%, grape *, hazelnut puree *, cocoa powder * 3%, almond *, hazelnut *,

carob powder *, salt.

(DE)Buchweizen *, Dattelpaste *, Erdmandel * 11% (1), Sesam * 11%, Traube *, Haselnusspüree *, Kakaopulver * 3%, Mandel *, Haselnuss *,

Johannisbrotpulver *, Salz

(ES) Trigo sarraceno *, pasta de dátiles *, chufa * 11% (1), semillas de sésamo * 11%, uva *, puré de avellanas *, cacao en polvo * 3%, almendras *, avellanas *, algarroba en polvo *, sal

(IT) Grano saraceno *, pasta di dattero *, chufa * 11% (1), semi di sesamo * 11%, uva *, purea di nocciole *, cacao in polvere * 3%, mandorla *, nocciola *, carruba in polvere *, sale

(NL) Boekweit *, dadelpasta *, cypergrass * 11% (1), sesamzaad * 11%, druif *, hazelnootpuree *, cacaopoeder * 3%, amandel *, hazelnoot *,

johannesbroodpoeder *, zout

(1) Burkina Faso/Niger

* Ingrédients biologiques/ Organic ingredients

**Peut contenir des traces de: fruits à coque, sésame .../ May contains: peanuts, nuts, sesame...

Informations nutritionnelles/ Nährwerte/Informacion nutricional/Nutritional facts/Informazioni nutrizionali/ Voedingswaarden 100g:

Calories/Brennwert/Calorías/Calories/Calori/ Calorieën : 364.7Kcal (1523kj),

Lipides/Fett/Lípidos/Fat/Lipidi/Vet: 8.49g (saturé/davon gesättigte/saturadas/saturated/saturi/waarvan suikers 1.56g),

Glucides/Kohlenhydrate/Carbohidratos/ Carbohydrate/Carboidrati/Koolhydraten: 60.67g (sucre/davon Zucker/azúcar/sugar/zucchero/waarven suikers 18.89g),

Protéines/Proteína/Protein/Proteina/Proteïn: 7.75g,

Sel/Salz/Sal/Salt/Sale/Zout: 0.03mg,

Fibre/Fibra/Fiber/Fibre/Fiber: 8.69g.





J'ai enfin trouvé mon petit plaisir qui ne me fait pas culpabiliser!

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