CROC Doré - Turmeric, ginger & pepper - bags & BULK

Salty light spicy Snack, like a golden milk! Gluten free and vegan.


CROC Doré, a lightly salted snack with a taste of Golden milk (turmeric, ginger and black pepper) to accompany your aperitifs or salads!

Always with tiger nut, to give this sweet and salty mixture, embellished with superfoods to boost your vitality.

They are prepared in a dehydrator at 80 ° C. We only use raw and certified organic products.

La Noix Tigrée offers a variety of naturally sweet and savory snacks based on tiger nut, also called chufa or earth almond: it is a tuber and not a nut! All our products are vegan, organic, gluten free.

Tiger nut is a super small, naturally sweet tuber with a sweet almond and chestnut taste.

Naturally gluten free, tiger nut is a source of fiber, vitamin E, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, omega 6 and prebiotics (resistant starch).

Tasting advice: Eat me as an aperitif, in your soups on your salads, on an avocado toast or to season!

Find the delicious stuffed butternut recipe by @saveurhealthy using our CROC Doré here !

Ingrédients**/Zutaten**/Ingrediente**/ Ingredients**/Ingrediënten**:

(GB) Buckwheat*, tiger nuts*24%(1), raisin*, date paste,almond*,ginger*, turmeric*, salt*,garlic*, oregano*,black pepper*. 

(DE) Buschweisen*,erdmandel*24%(1),rosinen*, datum einfügen*,mandel*, ingwer*,kurkuma*,salz*,Knoblauch*, oregano*, schwarzer Pfeffer.

(ES) Alforfón*, Chufa*24%(1), uva*, pegar la fecha*, almendra*, jengibre*2%, cúrcuma*, sal*,ajo*, orégano*,pimienta negra*.

(IT) grano saraceno*,chufa*24%(1), uva*, data incolla* , mandorla*, zenzero*,curcuma*, sale*,aglio*, oregano* ,pepe nero*.

(NL) Boekweit*, cypergras*24%(1), rozijn*,datum plakken*, amandel*,gember*, kurkuma*, zout*, knoflook*, oregano*, zwarte peper*.

(1) Burkina Faso,Niger

* Ingrédients biologiques/ Organic ingredients

**Peut contenir des traces de: fruits à coque, sésame .../ May contains : peanuts, nuts, sesame ...


Informations nutritionnelles/ Nährwerte/Informacion nutricional /Nutritional facts /Informazioni nutrizionali/ Voedingswaarden 100g:

Calories/Brennwert/Calorías/Calories/Calori/ Calorieën : 386.5Kcal (1615kj),

Lipides/Fett/Lípidos/Fat/Lipidi/Vet: 12.63g (saturé/davon gesättigte/saturadas/saturated/saturi/waarvan suikers 2.03g),

Glucides/Kohlenhydrate/Carbohidratos/Carbohydrate/Carboidrati / Koolhydraten: 57.91g (sucre/zucker/azúcar/sugar/zucchero/suikers 22.69g),

Protéines/ Proteína/Protein/Proteina/Proteïn: 8.44g,

Sel/ Salz/Sal/Salt/Sale/Zout: 0.82g,Fibre/Fibra/Fiber/Fibre/Fiber: 9.12g.They are prepared in a dehydrator at 80 ° C. We only use raw and certified organic products.


C’est bon! À essayer!!

C’est bien épicé, mais pas piquant, très bien dosé. Ça va très bien avec le toast à l’avocat. J’en ai mis pas mal aussi dans ma salade. J’ai bien pris un sachet d’un kilo !

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