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Organic tiger nut : bags and bulk

Tiger nut is a tuber and can be tasted like an almond: raw chewable, toasted chewable, transformed into a drink, to be used as a topping or in its mueslis in raw or toasted form ...

Tiger nut is rich in fiber, source of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and resistant starch (prebiotics for your microbiota)

Discover here our offer of peeled tiger nut, tapered tiger nut and our mixes of dried fruits.

All our recipe ideas, from drinks to decorating super bowls are on our blog.

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Our tiger nuts

Whole tiger nut - bulk

From €8.34
Gluten free, the original organic tiger nut to make your vegetable milk or taste it as it is.

Our tiger nuts

CROC ROND - bags and BULK

€3.41 From €3.00
Raw organic gluten free peeled tiger nut, to use as an almond for a snack or to make your own veggie milk.

Our tiger nuts


From €3.41
Organic gluten free raw sliced tiger nut - tiger nut flakes, to be used as oak flakes or almond slices.