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Organic gluten free raw sliced tiger nut - tiger nut flakes, to be used as oak flakes or almond slices.

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CROC Nature 100g

La Noix Tigrée offers all kinds of organic products that are naturally sweet or savory, vegan and gluten-free AND ALWAYS WITH TIGER NUT also called chufa in Spain, noix tigrée or earth almond: it is a tuber, a ground nut not a tree nut!

Tiger nut is a source of vitamin E, fiber, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, prebiotics (resistant starch) and omega 6.

Céline, the founder of La Noix Tigrée, became a fan of tiger nuts after several trips to Spain by discovering the drink "horchata de chufa". Convinced that this superfood has a role to play in a healthy and balanced diet, she wanted to develop delicious, balanced and organic tiger nut-based food products for the whole day!

Tasting advice: Eat me as i am (raw) or rast me in the oven or in a pan without oil! I am delicious on creams, yogurts, in smoothies and even in salads!

Ingrédients**/Zutaten**/Ingrediente**/ Ingredients**/Ingrediënten**:

(F) Souchet effilé cru*100%(1)

(DE) Roh geschnitten erdmandel*100%(1)

(ES) Chufa cruda picada*100%(1)

(GB) Raw sliced tiger nut*100%(1)

(IT) Chufa cruda tritata*100%(1)

(NL) Rauw gesneden cypergras*100%(1)

(1) (Burkina Faso/Niger)
* ingrédients biologiques/ organic ingredients
**Nos produits sont confectionnés dans un atelier
utilisant des allergènes: fruits à coque, sésame .../
All products are manufactured in a site using all kinds of tree and ground nuts, sesame...


Informations nutritionnelles/ Nährwerte /Informacion nutricional /Nutritional facts /Informazioni nutrizionali/ Voedingswaarden 100g:

Calories/Brennwert/Calorías/Calories/Calori/ Calorieën : 463Kcal (1930kj),

Lipides/Fett/Lípidos/Fat/Lipidi/Vet: 24.9g (saturé/davon gesättigte/saturadas/saturated/saturi/waarvan suikers 5.37g),

Glucides/ Kohlenhydrate/Carbohidratos/Carbohydrate/Carboidrati / Koolhydraten: 63.4g (sucre/ zucker/azúcar/sugar/zucchero/suikers 17g),

Proteína/Protein/ Proteina/Proteïn:  4.05g,

Sel/ salz/ Sal/Salt/ Sale/Zout: 0.0125mg,

Fibre/Fibra/Fiber/Fibre/Fiber: 12.3g. 

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je cherche des recettes innovantes, j\'ai fait un rawnola


Super vous auriez une photo s'il vous plait?

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Celui là aussi est super pour les petits creux
rating 5 5 0.5

Je vais essayer d'autres produits

rating 3 5 0.5

La texture est dure, il faut beaucoup le mastique beaucoup d?apr?s les clients.

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