Whole tiger nut - bulk

Gluten free, the original organic tiger nut to make your vegetable milk or taste it as it is.


Organic whole tiger nut bags to make your own "horchata de chufa" or tiger nut veggie milk, supplied with or without a of vegetable milk bag to filter your preparation! 

The origin of tiger nuts dates back to ancient Egypt! In fact, traces of tiger nut were discovered in the tomb of Rekhmir under Tutankhamun. Nut oil was used in ointments and whole nut tiger nut was also reduced to flour and mixed with wheat or barley flour for cakes. 

Tiger nuts can be stored in a covered warehouse for 2 years without any problem! 

Source: https://www.osirisnet.net/tombes/nobles/rekhmire100/rekhmire100_05.htm

Ingredients: Whole tiger nuts 100%*(1)

Nutritional values ​​of whole tiger nuts per 100gr:

Energetic value: 499 Kcal (1880 J)

Total fats: 23.00 gr

* Saturated fats: 4.83 gr

* Polished unsaturated fats: 2.64 gr

* Monounsaturated fats: 15.20 gr

Cholesterol: 0.00 mg 

Carbohydrates: 63.60 gr

* Sugars: 17.40 gr

Protein: 14.50 gr

Fiber: 4.43 gr

Salt : 0.02 gr

MINERALS per 100gr:

(K) 853 mg

(Mg)  95 mg

(Fe)  6,40 mg

(P)  220 mg


CHUFA HORCHATA RECIPE (vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars) 

Clean the tiger nut: rinse it 3 times, discard the tubers which float and so that the DLC of the drink lasts longer you can make a bath with white vinegar and rinse again 3 times.

In a good mixer mix: 250gr of tiger nut after 1 night of soaking in water 1L of water Sweeten according to his taste or not at all!

STRAWBERRY COOKIE RECIPES WITH THE OKARA (pulp extracted from the above recipe)

COOKIES with souchet okara (vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars and no yeast)

100gr of tiger nut milk okara (what you get left after making the tiger nut milk)

75gr of oilseed mash (50gr of sesame and 25gr of hazelnuts for example) 

45gr of natural tiger nut milk without sugar (or another vegetable milk)

1,5 banana

Chocolate chips

Put all the ingredients in a blender bowl except the nuggets, add the tiger nut milk last and measure according to the room temperature to obtain a creamy consistency. Spoon out small spaced balls on a tray covered with paper. cooking. Spread each ball into a cake on the paper. Add the strawberry on each cake 15-20 min at 180 °

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